An arrogant fool – Fool me enough and I’ll believe you. I’d rather show you than explain – it gets the point across faster. I lack attention so I get some through laughter and lots of awkwardness – make me laugh and I’ll make you laugh twice as hard. Love me and I’ll return it double time. Self preservation and contentment – so I’m cheap and I get by with very little. I know as much as I read so tell me because I love to listen. i assume i know it all, but the opposite is true. so save the great comments – tell me i’m an idiot. people tell me don’t fix it cus it ain’t broken – i fix it anyway. save the formal greetings – let’s laugh together!

My name is Charles White. Born in the Philippines in a small town of Telapayong. That’s up north in the region of Luzon… Anyway, some know me as Castro Macapagal, former name before being baptized as American citizen. Hold how did that happen?

My aunt is married to an american – they adopt my brother and i and so i’m now here in Maryland. Ok so then how about your real parents?

Well long story short:

  • dad abandons the family for some odd marital or political communistic reason –
  • w/ economic hardship, grandpa assumes custody of children of 5 –
  • mom marries another man –
  • so grandpa’s daughter comes to the rescue
  • yay for the aunt cus we’re saved! from poverty, illness, all the intricacies of being at a disadvantage

We’re not 5. Together we are 9 total. I think they had a good reason. There was no other form of great entertainment we enjoy here in the USA.

My aunt is a Jehovah’s Witness so that makes me one too. For those who are one, welcome!

I didn’t finish College. Went to UMBC for 2 years and couldn’t make pass that. I had zero motivation and was falling apart emotionally. I dropped out and now I’m on mountains of debt.

My goal:

  • go back to college
  • a+ and n+ certified
  • get focused!
  • self sufficient by which i’m self-employed
  • travel the world especially Philippines

My great and most excellent fun hobbies that we may or may not share:

  • surfing the net by way of and the great funny and interesting videos of
  • bookmarking webpage that most likely will not ever visit again, especially website coding… uh huh like i do that
  • photography is so borrrring! but when the fruitage of your labor is manifested, it becomes and a love at first site
  • taking apart things like my laptop and my desktop then putting them back together with frustration and mounds of anger but it works
  • spinning my pen on my thumb in an uncontrollable concentration
  • dreaming of ways to be and get entertained, laugh and scream at my self, do something wild that no one does, it takes balls
  • read lots of self help books, thinking that i might need them in current or later life, that’s why i have a membership at
  • i have to be honest i take lots of herbal medicines, because i know they help me stay healthy, i think they do…
  • can’t forget going to the meetings. i mean my jehovah’s witness meetings, they help keep me in bible moral standards. such a goodie goodie boy
  • did i mention i drive a green Dodge Caravan 1995? LOL! i’m 25 and at this age i should be driving a range rover or a Ferrari.

I will be adding more stuff. Ti’ll next time.


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