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Let’s Exchange LINKS – Blogroll

Blogrolling makes a big difference.

Let’s network and add me to your blogroll. I’ll Add you too.

Is it me or is it hard to exchange links on I know you can do all this manually on the dashboard and add someone on your blogroll links. Here’s an idea:

Why not add a button or widget to say “Add me” button. The button can be put on one of the sidebars. When you want to include someone on your blogroll you simply click the “add me” button! This like link exchanging in a much faster way.

Now isn’t that much easier way to include someone in a blogroll? I’d say devs should make one!


rssHugger Review

Ok I was trying get my blog known out there since it has currently limited audience. I was on RSSTop55 website which the blogger named Robin Good list great places to list a blog. He states;

As more and more people get involved with the Internet and as more Web sites, blogs, news services and other online resources continue to grow in number and variety it becomes increasingly important to maintain high visibility and exposure for the content being generated by closely following the major distribution media…

So he listed great directory websites to list some a blog. I come across and I sign up to get listed. The requirement? A review of their website is required if you want to be listed. So I browse through their website to get a gist of the place. Three things pop out of my head:

  • Colors! Wow what contrast they have done with the background and the text. It’s like watching the UPS truck with disco lights all over it then at the same time read white text across the page. It makes you want to have an epileptic shock. My eyes bleed with leftover colors overlapping each other. I admire their effort to be user friendly as much as possible but the color just doesn’t do it for me. Makes reading too hard. “What can brown do for you…?” Not much when super bright white text is blowing my retinas.
  • Very easy to scan the page. I think text is laid out clean and organized. Love the front page with the simple explanation of what the site is about.
  • Lastly, I didn’t realize this but after combing through the website, it makes a perfect sense to call it a part of marketing and networking website. That’s not totally exciting and interesting but I thought I’d mention it.

Ok why am I reviewing this website you ask? Well to be part of the directory, a review is needed. So there you go.

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Content Scrapers on the loose

content scrapers murderers killers google frauds I just got done posting a tutorial for social networking buttons. Suddenly, bam! I get hit with a spam comment. I look into it by doing a whois. IP is and only gives of yahoo as a provider. Then I found out from Akismet the address of the perpetrators. It is and it looks like they are run by I look into their website and they seem to be a Bulgarian run website. I don’t know what do now. Every time I post they will most likely have my content. 😦

Has anyone been in this situation? If so what was your solution?

Ok I just found out I’ve been listed! I think this guys got me there. At least there’s a good news to it.

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Adding Digg StumbleUpon Reddit Facebook link buttons to your post

I was on posting along and checking my progress with the stats and then it came me. I noticed many have these buttons that submit to these social networking websites – digg stumbleupon reddit and more. Then suddenly I found my self scrambling for answers on “frequently asked questions.” does not currently have this feature. However, if you have installed wordpress on your server widgets are your answer and you can go to for that. For those who use, such as, can now rejoice because I found a way.

This tutorial should be fun and easy. I found doing the task annoying at first but like anything else you get used to it. Here goes…

Time: 10~ mins.
Difficulty: Easy

  • Notepad (we will using a text file)
  • Download this file: socialbookmark.txt
  • One of your existing post on your blog

<a href=”;title=xTITLEx”><img src=”; alt=”add to” title=”” /></a> :: <a href=”;Description=&amp;Url=xURIx;Title=xTITLEx”><img src=”; alt=”Add to Blinkslist” title=”blinklist:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;t=xTITLEx”><img src=”; alt=”add to furl” title=”furl:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;url=xURIx”><img src=”; alt=”Digg it” title=”Digg it:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;title=xTITLEx”><img src=”; alt=”add to ma.gnolia” title=”ma.gnolia:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;title=xTITLEx”><img src=”; alt=”Stumble It!” title=”Stumble it:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;title=xTITLEx”><img src=”; alt=”add to simpy” title=”simpy:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;save?url=xURIx;title=xTITLEx”><img src=”; alt=”seed the vine” title=”newsvine:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;title=xTITLEx”><img src=”; title=”reddit:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;new_comment=xTITLEx”><img src=”; title=”fark:xTITLEx” /></a> :: <a href=”;link_href=xURIx&amp;title=xTITLEx&#8221; title=”TailRank”><img src=”; alt=”TailRank”></a> :: <a href=””><img src=”; alt=”post to facebook” title=”facebook:xTITLEx” /></a>

Login into your account. Then Manage>click one of your block post. Open notepad and open the socialbookmark.txt you downloaded earlier. You should see something similar :

socialbookmarking bookmark diggit stumbleupon reddit

So once you open that, click Edit>Replace (CTRL+H). Two fields are shown. One for “Find What” and one for “Replace With”.

For “Find what” field enter xURIx (that is a capital “i” at the end). This is for your URL post. Next get the URL of the blog post you want to put the buttons in. One way of getting this is by opening another browser window and going to your actual exact blog post and copy the URL.

Go back to Notepad and paste the URL in “Replace with” field. Then click “Replace All” button. All instances with xURIx will be replaced with the copied URL.

The next replacement is the TITLE of the post. Find xTITLEx and the same procedure applies. You can easily find the title of your blog post by going back to your dashboard and under write or manage button find the permalink. The “Edit” link should be next to your post url. Click that and copy the title (everything with the dashes.)

Ok so now we are done making all the changes needed on the text file. Go back to editing your blog post. Swith to HTML mode. Copy and paste everything. Where?? At the end of your blog post. Go back to Visual mode and save.

You can do this to all your old post as well new future ones. It might take long but hey more audience is always good.

Note: When closing Notepad, do not save the changes made or you’ll have trouble later.

This tutorial was inspired by our friends at Thank you! 😉

So if everything went well it should look like one below.
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One Drawback to WordPress

actually, there are adsense on blogs. the difference is that those ads are not placed by the bloggers but itself. some have ads on them, if you view the blogs while logged out and through a google search. if you’re logged in you won’t see it.

that’s how keeps it free. ;)

one of our great and informed commenter has just confirmed that does somehow profit one way or another. I just hope doesn’t overdo it. is great so far. I’m loving the widgets particularly the stats and rss feeder. I have one problem however. There lacks adsense support! I read the TOS pertaining to Adsense and they gave reasons on why they do NOT support adsense.

  • is free of charge meaning
    • free hosting
    • free blogging software
    • free url (like
    • free management -database -backups
    • and so much more
  • for security reasons doesn’t allow user codes to be run, like java. So if you try to add adsense code anywhere it will not show or run. I’ve tried it already it won’t work. If anyone is running adsense code on you could be violating TOS!
  • if you want adsense on your blog your can sign up for a hosting service that supports wordpress software. You can download the community supported wordpress blogging software from and install it on your server. By doing this you give your self freedom to move around. You can install many widgets and add on software from

These reasons are not very fair but free is FREE. If they did allow for adsense or other advertisements then will probably need to profit from it somehow. If you notice they hardly little or no ads on their website. They are keeping the community commercial free and I believe we should do the same!

Now I think that is a great reason.

You want adnsense support now? Well there is one option I can think of:!

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my first post in the world of blogging!

And so the adventure begins! my first post on wordpress. I’m very new this blog software and it so happened that it’s the most convenient. 3 reasons why i chose wordpress:

1. very easy navigation, uncluttered and organized

2. i was using in the past but it was too limited and wordpress seems to fulfill those needs.

3. the widgets! there are so many to choose from. i was surprised to see in there.

I’ll be testing wordpress. i hope it lives up to the hype. so far so good!
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