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Man faced with a face eating tumor.

Digging is fun when you find something interesting similar to your interests. Well I found an article about witnesses! As some of you may know I am a JW. Read the about page for more information.

The article was written by Matthew Moore of Telegraph. I thought I would share this article because as you may know Jehovah’s Witness abstain from blood because of religious reasons. Because of this bible principal witnesses strongly disagree with any transfusion, or eating of blood. With this comes life challenging situations and triumphs. What better way to illustrate this by reading this article:

A Jehovah’s Witness who for decades refused all surgery on his horrific facial disfigurement has been given hope by a British doctor and new medical technology. Unwilling to accept a blood transfusion, Jose Mestre has allowed the bloody tumour that first appeared on his lip in adolescence to obliterate almost all of his face.

Please go to the Jehovah’s Witness official website to learn more about the value of blood.