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Broken hearts broken dreams filipino teachers in USA

“Fe was amazing,” said George Duque, the school system’s director of staffing and certification. “I remember her saying, `Adding and subtracting is not math. Thinking is math.'”

filipino teachers in baltimore suicide

One of the problem facing the Philippines is brain drain! The promise of better life, money, the american dream, is creating massive droves of “educated workers” into the US economy.

It’s great how Filipinos is fueling some of America’s under staffed nurses and teachers because all we want is to make Super power countries more great and leave the third world countries, like our own, The Philippines, in peril.

Enough with the rant. Let’s read the about some dead Filipino Teachers who worked in Baltimore Maryland.

The first was Fe Bolado, a 26-year-old beauty with long, shiny hair who couldn’t carry a tune in karaoke. She left her family in the Philippines to teach math in Baltimore, where she hid her sadness behind a constant smile.
Her friends knew she was heartbroken that her marriage, less than a year old, was falling apart. They did not know the extent of the despair. Before dawn last May 25, Bolado hanged herself in her Mount Vernon apartment.And then, between the night of Nov. 6 and the morning of Nov. 8, a second Filipino teacher in Baltimore took her life the same way.

Irenea Conato Apao, 41, taught high school algebra and geometry while her son and daughter, now 10 and 17, stayed with her sister in the Philippines. Known as Irene, Apao had been separated from her husband for several years. In the months before her death, she struggled with financial problems and felt troubled by the unwanted attentions of a one-time boyfriend.

Coming less than six months apart, the suicides have stunned Baltimore’s community of more than 400 Filipino teachers, a close-knit group that has bonded over the struggles of living and working half a world away from home…

So going abroad isn’t always fun and party. There are many downsides too. For one you leave your family. Sure the money is great and you’re taking care of financial responsibilities back home but you’re missing out on more valuable possessions, your family. Ok you get to the abroad are you able to handle the culture shock and the lack of your fellow filipinos around? For our friend Fe she couldn’t handle the pressures anymore. Poor her…



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